Flashing Products

Prefinish Process

Quality water management flashing products

At Flashing by Design our top quality flashing is made from G90 galvanized steel and is prefabricated to work with all hard board siding on the market today. We here at FBD, have taken the time to look at all hard board siding application’s and have designed our parts to work the water flow away from your house.

We are so confident that they work that we patented some of these parts, our test state is Minnesota and when using our product with fiber cement the manufactures have had a very large decrees in failure claims on roofline porches and decks. Our product meets or exceeds manufactures specifications.

Galvanized steel flashing and pre-finished siding

For residential siding installers, there is no better flashing product on the market today. Flashing by Design specializes in custom pre-finished siding — Including color-matched paint choices provided by Sherwin Williams. Our Drip cap flashing is pre-finished in our facility and can be matched to your siding and trim order.

Ensure the maximum life, beauty and durability of every job with Flashing by Design. Our products are made in the USA and can be matched with your choice of colors within machine applied applications for painting and drying. We offer the best colors provided by our partnership with Sherwin Williams.

With our unique ability to paint, bake and bend your flashing in any color and any shape you desire makes us one of a kind.

Slip Sheets

Our patented slip sheets are created to be installed behind the butt joints and are available in any size.

Item Number Item Name
Slip-XX6 6” slip sheets (50 per bundle)
Slip-XX7 7” slip sheets (50 per bundle)
Slip-XX8 8” slip sheets (50 per bundle)

Window Flashing

Our prefabricated window flashing will protect your home from the weather for years to come.

Item Number Item Name
34-DCXX ¾” Drip Cap
114-DCXX 1 ¼” Drip Cap
112-DCXX 1 ½” Drip Cap
158-DCXX 1 5/8” Drip Cap
2-DCXX 2” Drip Cap
212-DCXX 2 ½” Drip Cap

2” Trim Pieces

Our patented 2” trim pieces make it simple to maintain the manufacturers’ requirement of a two-inch-minimum clearance between the siding and adjoining roof and any flat surface.

Item Number Item Name
2TF-XX 2” Trim Flashing
F2TF-XX Flared 2” Trim Flashing

XLD Flashing

Our prefinished XLD flashing can be custom-matched to James Hardie trim and siding.

Item Number Item Name
XLD-XX 1” XLD Flashing

Brick Flashing

Our brick flashing is a trusted choice for masons and other builders to keep brickwork safe from water.

Item Number Item Name
BF-XX Brick Flashing

Z Flashing

Our custom-made Z flashing is pre-bent in our facility to save you time in the field.

Item Number Item Name
516-ZFXX 5/16” Z Flashing

L-Bend Flashing

Our custom-made L flashing is pre-bent in our facility to save you time in the field.

Item Number Item Name
L-Bend XX L-Bend Flashing

Inside Corner

Our inside corner flashing is prefinished in our facility to save you time in the field.

Item Number Item Name
IC-XX Inside Corder

Ground Breaker

Our ground breaker flashing keeps your foundation and insulation and protected for years to come.

Item Number Item Name
GB3.5-XX Ground Breaker 3.5”
GB5.5-XX Ground Breaker 5.5”