Flashing By Design | Flashing for Fiber Cement Siding

Protect the fiber cement siding you install with custom flashing designed by professionals for professionals.

Whether you’re a distributor, a lumberyard looking to sell excellent products, or an engineer or architect looking for a custom solution, Flashing By Design (FBD) can help.

At Flashing by Design, we specialize in quality custom flashing for all types of fiber cement siding – including color-matched custom flashing for James Hardie® ColorPlus® products, LP SmartSide® products, and Tamlyn Xtreme® products . Our galvanized steel flashing is more durable than any aluminum product and is useful for:

  • Window flashing

  • Roof flashing

  • Brick flashing

  • XLD flashing

  • Fiber board/fiber cement siding

  • And wood products.

A primed finish is also available for your custom colors so that your project maintains a streamlined look.

Prefinish Process

Why Choose FBD Flashing?

At FBD, we are proud to sell the highest quality products at competitive prices. Our custom flashing allows you to complete your project:


Don’t spend any more of your valuable time bending flashing on-site. We've got you covered. No matter what style or shape of flashing you need, we can make it.


We provide flashing that is specifically made for fiber cement siding. It won't rust, corrode or react with fiber cement siding like other flashing materials. Guaranteed.


At FBD, we use G90 Galvanized Steel, which is stronger and more durable than aluminum. Our products are professionally designed and built to work as hard as you do.

Don’t settle for flimsy flashing. Contact FBD today 651-462-4700